for Liz Gerard, and all who love and miss her

photograph by Nicolas Vigier 

How to Love
poetry by Bill Yarrow

After He Stays
fiction by Melanie Yarbrough

Six Months
fiction by Dallas Woodburn

poetry by Lisa Zaran

Conversation With A Five-Year Old
nonfiction by Shannon Cavanaugh

photography by Annie Atkins

fiction by Parker Tettleton

Talk To Me

fiction by Len Kuntz

poetry by Howie Good

fiction by Meg Pokrass
paintings by Alexandra Manukyan

Ganghwa Island
poetry by Matthew Stranach

Ma Chere
poetry by Robert Malbin

Amahle and I
fiction by Isabell Serafin  

Borrowed Dreams
illustration by Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon

Selections from Thinly Sliced Raw Fish 
fiction by Christian Bell
photomanipulations by Sarolta Ban

Black Dirt
memoir by Denise Emanuel Clemen 
nonfiction by Kio Stark

Just Working
13 Eyes
Victory V

nonfiction by Mark Etchells

Prodigal Heart

fiction by James Robison

poetry by Justin Hyde

fiction by Stephen Hastings-King

Zoomix Village
Digital painting by Sergey Skachov

El Mucho

memoir and fiction by Tim Etchells

Last Light

photography by Thomas Wheeler

Not A Hint of Irony

fiction by M. John Harrison