For Sale Sign (#3)
by Lori A. May

maybe this time
the market will come 'round

two doors down
is nearly back to
full asking price

one street over
has decided
it's time to try

ours is a sign of faith

the first was ill-timed
the second didn't stand
a chance

but people are buying
again; foreclosures
have dried up

there is hope
on this street

in this city

and it's time
we move on

Lori A. May is the author of four books, including stains: early poems. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Writer, Rattle, Two Review, Writer's Digest, and anthologies such as Van Gogh's Ear. She is a part-time writing instructor and a frequent lecturer at writers' conferences and graduate programs. Lori is also the founding editor of Poets' Quarterly and an associate editor with Northern Poetry Review. A native of Canada, Lori now lives and writes on the shores of Michigan. More information is available online at http://www.loriamay.com/.

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