Umbrella Sky
Digital Painting by Marta Dahlig

Umbrella Sky                                                                                                             Digital Painting

An earlier version of Marta Dahlig’s Umbrella Sky appeared in Imagine FX, and on the cover of Ballistic Publishing’s Exotique 3.  She’s since reworked the image- 'a lot, many many hours in Painter and Photoshop'- and this is the result.  Read a walkthrough with close-ups, WIPs and sketches on CGSociety.

Marta Dahlig is a 24 year old digital painter from Warsaw, Poland.  Her work and tutorials have appeared regularly in Imagine FX, CG Society and numerous other publications, and her deviantART gallery has received over four million views.  Her seven-part video series 'Making of Judith' and an accompanying walkthrough PDF file are available on her blog.   

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