Language of the Miltonia
by Ernest Williamson III

I'm always placed by this bay window
sunlight teases my arms
breaks through nimbus clouds
when I dream
where I rest
in cahoots
with careless caretakers
though I like living
my voice seems to carry me through dastardly drones
and when I lament
my body bends downward
like unseen greed behind corporate doors
in flaming dirt
devoid of roots
and thus
not of kin

Ernest Williamson III has published poetry and visual art in over 275 national and international online and print journals. He is a Christian, a self-taught pianist, singer, and painter. His poetry has been nominated three times for the Best of the Net Anthology. Professor Williamson, who is (ABD), is also finishing up his Ph.D. at Seton Hall University in the field of Higher Education Leadership. Visit his gallery: http://www.yessy.com/budicegenius

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