by Rachel J. Fenton

Come on let's go
I'll say and I'll
scoop up your two toothed, grinning,
compliant softness and we'll head
out into civilisation. Note book in hand,
we'll listen to random snippets of stranger
conversation you don't yet understand,
and notice peculiarities of description
to translate into language; and when
the notebook is heavy with
inspiration and my arms are tired
from carrying you, we will return,
and as you sleep I'll write,
and one day you'll be inspired.

Rachel J. Fenton is an English writer living in Auckland. She has had fiction and poetry housed at various zines and journals and her flash Rogue Trading was shortlisted for the 2010 Fish One Page Prize. She has worked with children with learning and behavioural difficulties and was supposed to become a teacher but moved to New Zealand instead to write full time. When she is not writing she can be found rock-pooling with her children, painting or blogging at: snowlikethought.blogspot.com.