Helene Fjell:
Two Photographs

After the Fire 5                                                                                       photo by Helene Fjell
Harmony                                                                                                                                          photo by Helene Fjell

Helene Fjell: "Life itself is a project that contains a lot of wonders and mysteries I know nothing about. My main goal is to reach the place where I can feel totally safe and at home in my soul. But on my way I wish to be open for the small moments and the misunderstandings that push me over the edge. In every corner of my way there may be someone or something I can learn from.  So I try to stop, as often that I can, and take that with me."

Helene Fjell is a freelance photographer and photo artist living in Oslo, Norway. Educated in press photography, she now works mostly with Fine Art photograhpy and personal projects. She also makes drawings and is exploring graphic techniques including silkskreen, photopolymer and lithography.  Visit her website.

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  1. Me gusta mucho la primera foto, tanto la composición de la foto, como el encuadre, el contraste blanco y negro (un poco quemado el color blanco) . Enhorabuena por la foto!
    Un saludo,
    Ana Moreno
    I love the first picture, both the composition of the photo, such as framing, black and white contrast (slightly burnt white). Congratulations for the photo!
    Ana Moreno