Film Noir 8
photography by Stefan Randholm

Film Noir 8                                                                                                                          photo by Stefan Randholm

 Stefan Randholm on Film Noir 8

Jean d'Anvers is a Belgian actor and model who has worked with some of the best photographers in Belgium, and has participated in several movies and commercials. When he contacted me proposing we did a shoot together, I came up with the idea of a Film Noir based session. 

Looking for someone to do the crucial "femme fatale" role, I was overwhelmed with the number of responses. I finally chose Irene Fernández, whose look and acting skills married perfectly with what we were trying to create. Irene is a trained actress and has performed in movies and on television shows here in Spain.

Finally, we had the privilege of being able to work with the international make-up artist Noelia Moreno, who has studied under some of the best MuAs in Belgium. 

Location courtesy of Hotel El Fuerte, Marbella, Spain.

This was the most carefully planned shoot I have done so far, in terms of scouting locations and creating visual ideas prior to the shoot. I also felt really honoured to be able to work with such professional people as Jean, Irene and Noelia.

Strobist: SB900 in an Apollo 28" softbox boomed high CR. A Lumopro 160 with a persian blinds gobo CL in the back, for the shadows on the pillar behind them. Fired with Cactus V4s.

See the whole set here.

Stefan Randholm is a Swedish portrait photographer based in Marbella, southern Spain. Combining an engineering background with a strong artistic vein, he finds photography to be an exciting crossroads between art and technique. When working with his camera, Stefan uses light as his craft to set the scene for his portraits. However, the true magic, and the driver of Stefan’s motivation, is to be able to see how the character and personality of the subject is brought to life in the resulting images. Stefan is a people photographer, and takes it as his challenge to make a portrait that brings out the best of his subjects. Visit his website and flickr.

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