Sara Fitzpatrick Comito:
Three Poems


Goals for tonight:
            fly from rocky cliffs
            swim with otters
            simplify the tax code
            engage in a trite oneuppance
            with a drunk cummings

sleep it off
            and dream

To do:
            plumb the more modern lines
            do something Zen
            use Zen as an adverb
            catch my neighbor's eye
            as he does laundry
            hang mine in surrender
hear it flap in the breeze. It's so nice
to be under something else's power
and let it be like sailing,
which I've never done
            and dream
does it rock so –
            or so?

Sew a blanket with sleeves
make a million bucks
shear a sheep – shear anything!
And sell the wool for a trout.
Make breakfast.


Spent virgin candles
stuffed in the Corona box
the truck didn't take away

and with jars of honey
in my bathroom,
what would people make

of my relics
even less well-placed?

The neighbors,
they mean well,
and I've learned to say
turn the fucking music down

in Spanish

and there's some respect
that comes with that

but if they only knew
what happens in these rooms.

The Skill in Gravity

Vantage is a type of wood,
a sound knock of understanding,
that reverberation across
a snowy vista,
children sledding until
they meet with something solid

the ones that have seen
the other seasons,
let them set up the track

unless they've got
a score to settle.

Let the plow pile
up the snow
for a bank like a pool game
and there's the skill in gravity

that grating, the grind
under a plastic sled
until you meet the other side

the unwind
and sleep later.
Ah, winter.

Sara Fitzpatrick Comito edits the online journal Orion headless. Her poetry has appeared in places such as The Smoking Poet, Leveler and Barrier Islands Review. She's married to a carpenter and stone mason who, for simplicity's sake, are the same person.


  1. Surprising endings. Nice line breaks and music throughout. I love how the breaks and lines build tension naturally and convey the stories effortlessly. Very nice work!
    Paul David Adkins

  2. Wish I had seen your comment earlier, Paul. Thank you for reading! Your feedback made my day.