Humphrey Bogart
By John Tustin

For some reason it’s Humphrey Bogart I think of
because he must have looked in the mirror
and seen the pouches of age and ugliness
and the gutters of sorrow
but he bucked up and said
he has that thing that he has
and he screwed up the necessary moxie
and he got
Lauren Bacall…

so how about it?

I’ve got the eyes
and the poems
and the sad history
and the bullshit promises
and some carelessly constructed poem
about Bogey and Bacall
I wrote
while guzzling
my tenth beer
of 1/23/11.

Wink and smile.

John Tustin's poetry is forthcoming in Bryant Literary Review, Underground Voices, Chiron Review, and others. fritzware.com/johntustinpoetry is a link to his poetry online.

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