A.J. Huffman:
Three Poems

A Shift In Focus

feel it to believe it
the pleasure of perfection in creme or lotion
appropriately complex
one of the originators
vixens to the spooky theme
a kaleidoscope download
turn the page
and that’s the real joy

is prevention the best medicine
                                                find out for yourself

In Defense Of Flirting

it’s amazing
the fiery theatrics
you’re likely to see
to suit your taste
and just believing
delicious things happen
is just a matter of trust

Illusions Of Spring

from the top down
longer days embrace
adding instant light
clean and cool
shades are made to flatter

the proof
a fresh new beginning

believe it or not

A.J. Huffman is a poet and freelance writer in Daytona Beach, Florida.  She has previously published her work in literary journals, in the U.K. as well as America, such as Avon Literary Intelligencer, Eastern Rainbow, Medicinal Purposes Literary Review, The Intercultural Writer's Review, Icon, Writer's Gazette, and The Penwood Review.

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