About the Cover

Pat St. Pierre photographed this house near Washington, New Hampshire.  Encouragingly, the house has been moved and re-roofed, and Pat hopes restoration continues. 

Pat St. Pierre is a freelance writer and amateur photographer. She has published fiction, nonfiction and poetry for both adults and children. Her work has been published by County Kids, Lutheran Parenting, The Homesteader, The Wilton Bulletin, My Light, Kids Ark, Knowonder, and her poetry can be found in The Shine Journal, Flutter, The Boston Literary Review, YaSou, etc. Her 2nd chapbook Theater of Life has recently been published by Finishing Line Press. Her photos have appeared on the covers and in such magazines as: Ken*Again, The Shine, Touch, The Journal of Healing, Wee Ones, The Litchfield Review, The Camel Saloon.  She blogs at www.pstpierre.wordpress.com.

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